TELA (@TELAofficial) - " Been Ballin "

TELA - " Been Ballin " Picture

TELA James is an Artist, known for re-inventing himself while maintaining his signature sound and delivery. Don’t be fooled, he’s not just a Rapper, he’s also an industry scholar as well as a legendary Hip Hop Artist. TELA’s always been in the booth, has staying power, proven by his new drop single, “Been Ballin’,” with Zaytoven on the track, bringing energetic lyrics and a sure fire dance and club single for fans old and new alike. “Been Ballin’” is a song for the streets, that you can also dance to. Pre-release has received great reviews, and TELA’s ready to surprise the fans further with his evolution as an Artist on the next album entitled #Graceland, produced by BlacElvis.

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