Spodie (@keepitSPODIE) f. XO (@Porfavorian) - "So Real"

Spodie (@keepitSPODIE) f. XO (@Porfavorian) - "So Real"

Filmed at one of the TSGU events, Spodie and XO have captured the summer in the audio and visual presentation of "So Real". When the video comes on, the summertime vibes are unleashed through the laid-back yet engaging production, bouncy flows and bikinis in the midst of a LA pool party. The song makes you feel like turning up.

The full TSGU project will be available for download later this summer. The project features production from Inglewood, CA producers Nick Banga and Dj WES. TSGU also features verses from some of Spodie's partners such as Cali Cam, XO, 2 Eleven, Young Lyxx, and more. 

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