Rav.P (@PassportRav) f. Natnaiel & Julius Myth - "flyniggaSayWHA"

Rav.P (@PassportRav) f. Natnaiel & Julius Myth - "flyniggaSayWHA"

Here is the new and third video, “flyniggaSayWHA” featuring Natnaiel & Julius Myth from Rav.P’s recently released FreEP Immaculate.

After working with Camden, NJ producers Trac-Qaeda on the #weeklyStamps campaign for a single release "Immaculate,” Rav.P aka Passport Rav joined forces with the production team to create a classic feeling EP based on the name of their first collaboration. All of the tracks are produced by Trac-Qaeda besides the bonus "flyNiggaSayWHA" which is produced by Rav himself.

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