Hosannah (@Uppanotch) - "It's ALL Academics" :Prod. by @Prospek via @ReachHigherPr

Hosannah (@Uppanotch) - "It's ALL Academics" :Prod. by @Prospek via @ReachHigherPr

A metal key connected to a kite flown during a lightening producing storm resulted in the harnessing of electricity. Some water laid in a desert can turn into ice when the night sky pulls heat from it. A village plus a plan raises its children. It’s ALL Academics.

This debut album, by Hosannah (of @uppanotch) is a trip into the mind of a scientist who constantly updates his governing equations and theories for life. Each of the tracks on the album connect the complex equations of life’s daily operation in a fluid and dynamic framework. It’s like listening to a PhD recite rhymes written in between the lines of a textbook amidst carefully and meticulously constructed instrumental rhythms. Appropriately so, because that’s exactly what it is!

It’s ALL Academics boasts music from @ProProspek (who provides the bulk of the production effort with 9 of the 12 tracks), Kiza (2 tracks) and The Clydes (1 track). The album delivers a sonic blanket for features from Cleve, C. Ellison and Nate “Suave” Cameron on lead single, "Yes Today". Other notable vocal appearances include Danielle “Dai” Watson, The Clydes, Yuri Jones and Uppanotch compatriot Danon. How was it possible to fit so many different artists of varying genres to create an audio gift? Easy, It’s ALL Academics!

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