Katrell Antonio Platt (@KPThePhenomenal) - K.A.P VOL II Chapter I (Free Mixtape) via @IStillLoveHER

Katrell Antonio Platt (@KPThePhenomenal) - K.A.P VOL II Chapter I (Free Mixtape) via @IStillLoveHER

Katrell Antonio Platt (@KPThePhenomenal) - K.A.P VOL II Chapter I (Free Mixtape) via @IStillLoveHER

Show You Better Than I Tell You Hosted By DJ Beanz

Katrell gathers up all of his friends, associates, colleagues, and family to put on a SHOW for the supporters for the 4th Qtr / finale of the year. Well over 30 tracks for listeners to choose from. Ranging to sheer raw lyricism, instrumentals, spoken word, and some slow jams! Something for EVERYONE!
Starring DJ Beanz, All3n F.; (Formerly Krazy Mike) Mike Lucas; (FLMF)- Boss Blacc; DJ Sauna; (100F)- Valdrin Lamont; DiBiase; Mac Eternal; & Shawn Mays. TWIIN of (Castor & Pollux- TWIINZ) ; (Wolf Head Ent.)-Scrapp Pompey.
Original beat productions from DJ Vybez & DJ Turnt Up (GMB); W.S.P's Vet (@WooWSP), L.A.R.
DoomGotBeats & Ted Etheridge contributed to some of the tracks with their recording and engineering expertise. Enjoy!

About Katrell Antonio Platt:

Katrell The Phenomenal is back in America and showing no mercy. After dropping several remixes of The K.A.P Tapes on his own in the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Qtrs; he has still been ferociously networking and connecting with other business minded individuals to push Carolina Music to the next level. Upon his return, he linked up with several different industry & household named DJs- around the globe to add an "industry" touch to his team's work to showcase how serious he is.
Katrell represents the current era of hip hop. Due to the digital age, geographic location has become increasingly less significant. All that matters, now, is good music, which KP The Phenomenal brings with his unique interpretation of hip hop music. TeamWork Makes All The Dreams Work! #TheUndeniables

Please send your Drop Scripts, Interview Inquiries, Feedback          to:Katrell.the.phenomenal@gmail.com

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