Ardamus (@Ardamus) - "At Least I Got Laid" (Single) via @IStillLoveHER

Ardamus (@Ardamus) - "At Least I Got Laid" via @IStillLoveHER

"At Least I Got Laid" by Ardamus is the lead single from the "I Can't Replace Me, Pt. 1: Improve" album which is a sarcastic commentary of the outcome of failed romantic relationships. Based on a true story, the song is accompanied by a hilarious video and produced by Soulful!

Ardamus (@Ardamus) - "I Can't Replace Me, Pt. 1: Improve" via @IStillLoveHER

Hailing from Nashville, TN. and now residing in Washington, DC, Ardamus has become a hip hop veteran in the DMV scene has been a part of. Starting at the age of 8 with rapping, he developed his talents over a number of years being influenced by a rap's greatest hits tape his sister let him borrow. After years of receiving albums form his dad like Cypress Hill's debut album and Too $hort's "Shorty The Pimp", Ardamus was soon wanting to participate in the sport more seriously at the age of 13. After high school. Ardamus moved to Washington, DC where he developed skills as a lyricist and attended Howard University for a Bachelor's Of Science in Anthropology. After getting a feel for the city and the music scene, he got involved with non-profits that incorporated arts with commentaries on social justice and local hip hop battles in the community. Over the years, he would begin the phase of recording his first EP, Life Is A Humbling Experience back in Nashville, TN around 1998 to later self-release the project after being one of the first hip hop artists to receive the DC Arts And Humanities Young Artists Grant. Fast forward to now, Ardamus has worked so hard to the point where he has shared the stage with such acts as Das Racist, Souls Of Mischief, Myka Nyne, 2Mex, Cadence Weapon, Sister Crayon, Blue Sky Black Death, Sims of Doomtree, Ceschi, iCON The King, Blueprint, Phife Dog, Blu & Exile, Astronautilus, and many others. Over the years, he would work on collaborative efforts such as Sitcalm, ARDAPLUS (Ardamus and Double Plus), A Day In The Life Of Modern Living (Ardamus and The Metaphysical, Ingelside Collective, The Glass Is Half Full Of (Ardamus and Scottie Royal), The Square Pyramid (Ardamus, Infinito 2017, Kiza Beats) and FAR EXP. But Ardamus still dropped solo projects like the full-length, When Nothing Goes Right Right, and the mixtape, When Everything Goes Wrong. He is currently a part of the music collective, Delegation Music, and a member of the jazz/hip hop/bossanova band, The Lucky So And So's.

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Ardamus (@Ardamus) - "I Can't Replace Me, Pt. 1: Improve" via @IStillLoveHER

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