ADONIS FOX(@1adonisfox) - “25 cent” ( Single)

ADONIS FOX(@1adonisfox) - “Good Morning” ( Music Video)

We are still weeks out from Adonis Fox’s highly anticipated debut album, Missed Calls. Last week Fox announced his Faded Fridays campaign and dropped a jewel on us in Smoke Session. Today we are delighted to treat fans to another beautifully arranged ballad much different than what he gave us last week. 25 Cent showcases the versatility of both Adonis and Davey Boy Remix as they easily go from gritty rap tunes to polished RnB. Adonis Fox praises the beauty of a particular woman singing the pick up line “If I had a quarter for every time I saw a woman as pretty as you I would only have 25 cent.” The infectious hook with its smooth melodic undertones will leave you singing along long after the music stops.


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Submitted By:   Jarrett Hurd

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