ADONIS FOX(@1adonisfox) - “Smoke Session” ( Music Video)

ADONIS FOX(@1adonisfox) - “Good Morning” ( Music Video)

With another work week in the books Adonis Fox announces Faded Fridays kicking it off withSmoke Session. He will be releasing a song every friday until the release of his highly anticipated project Missed Calls. This song delivers a barrage of witty lines and a catchy melodic hook backed by yet another Davey Boy banger Smoke Session will be stuck in your head hours after you've heard it. He follows up the success of Good Morning as well as A Meazy's For the Birds with yet another sure to be favorite. Adonis Fox did not make it clear whether or not the songs released will be apart of the project but from what we have heard so far we can’t wait…...

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