Ervin Mitchell (@RealErvMitchell) - "King Shit" (EP)

Ervin Mitchell (@RealErvMitchell) announces "King Shit" (EP)

Ervin Mitchell released his long awaited EP "King Shit". The project features a luscious EDM and alternative influenced production and heartfelt lyrics. Ervin wrote this project 2 years ago during the roughest period in his life. He lets his listeners know that it's okay to be themselves and to be vulnerable. The message of the project is that we all go through things and that regardless we can unlock the King and Queen in each of us.

The EP starts with a triumphant and hectic freestyle called Rumble. Ervin Mitchell then proceeds to slow it down for the rest of the tape and speak from the heart over some very memorable samples in highlight tracks like "Stay" and "Dear Winter".

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