#1 Rated Music App for Indie Musicians via @TripleVMusic

#1 Rated Music App for Indie Musicians via @TripleVMusic

In developing its innovative, interactive free mobile app, TripleVMusic.com has two goals: to build a strong community of music fans united in their love of new music, and to offer a new kind of opportunity for fledgling artists to engage with their core audience and ideally add to it. Leveraging the company's insights into social media and viral marketing, the app rewards participation with user points that can be exchanged for gift certificates on a host of eCommerce platforms, including Amazon.com and iTunes. The TripleVMusic app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

"The introduction of the most powerful music marketing tool to the most influential demographic to the music industry is our core mission," explained Roger Singh, founder of TripleVMusic.com. "The teens and pre-teens who are the drivers of today's music industry typically don't have access to credit cards to purchase music, thus making the TripleVMusic app a legitimate way to download their favorite songs by way of gift certificates. We know the TripleVMusic model is the solution to teenagers that want to support their beloved musicians and help in stopping online piracy."

TripleVMusic - New Indie Music Promotion App
Like all great mobile apps, the TripleVMusic app is breathtakingly user friendly. After registering an account on the website, users can download the app from iTunes or the Google Play store. The video charts are divided between Top 20 and New Releases. Users can also search for artists and check their points balance all from the app's dashboard.

The TripleVMusic app isn't just for teens and pre-teens, either. Everyone can appreciate the value of getting music and other products for virtually free just by watching and voting on videos. Parents can earn gift certificates for their children or even themselves.

TripleVMusic believes strongly in helping independent artists gain a foothold in this notoriously tough industry. In contrast to services that simply take artists' money, host their videos and then set the controls on autopilot, TripleVMusic gives indie artists the foundation to be prosperous.

Artists on TripleVMusic have their latest YouTube videos listed on their New Releases chart for seven days, during which time users have four voting options: Love It, Like It, Dislike It and Hate It. After a week, videos that have received enough votes move over to the Top 20 chart. If the artist's video makes it to the Top 20 Chart, they will receive an ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) and UPC (Universal Product Code) for free! TripleVMusic is a certified ISRC Manager therefore it will be done correctly. These codes are needed to get the artist's song to market and begin music distribution. "Our app is a fantastic way for artists to move up the career ladder," explained Singh. "Unlike competitors that claim to help indie artists, we walk the walk by providing our clients with all the necessary marketing and components for success in music sales."

Once on the Top 10 Chart, videos can remain there for as long as the weekly votes are sufficient, which gives the artists an incentive to keep drumming up fan interest and pushing out to their social media. Artist videos must be on YouTube to be hosted by TripleVMusic.

For record labels scouting to find and sign the Next Big Thing, the TripleVMusic app offers a one-of-a-kind litmus test for up-and-coming musicians. "A music fan's vote is probably the truest measure of an artist's potential," added Singh. "Talent scouts and A&R representatives for major record labels are always scanning the horizon for new music tools that can make their job easier, and our app certainly fits that bill."

Funding for the hardware and software behind TripleVMusic comes primarily from the fees that artists pay to be hosted on the app. Singh has also opened the doors to advertisers and investors who want to get on board with this project in its early stages. To further its business model, TripleVMusic has collaborated with the community of entrepreneurs at TiE Global (The Indus Entrepreneurs) (https://www.tie.org/), a unique, nonprofit resource for maximizing the potential of new tech ventures.

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