Rap Dog (@Jones_Raphael) - "Donkey Booty (Who Am I?)

Rap Dog (@Jones_Raphael) - "Donkey Booty (Who Am I?)"
Raphael Jones, a.k.a. Rap Dog is an authentic rapper primarily specializing in fast rap, lyrical metaphor usage and heavy lyricism. Raphael’s passion for rap began at the ripe age of 7, when he and his sister formed a rap group called R and R, and at the 4th grade talent show, the group would go on to steal the show and from that moment on, as Raphael puts it, ‘This is what I want to do..’ Being born in a rough neighborhood, Raphael began took on the name Rap Dog when he was 13 and began making music on tape recorders with his childhood friends, in which he also formed neighborhood basketball and football teams in his neighborhood as he explains, ‘A lot of my talent in music has a lot to do with how I grew up. Being poor is a blessing and growing up making something out of nothing is an advantage. It shows a side to life that others are not able to live or see.’ Along with forming a popular high school rap group called The Click, Raphael’s passion out of high school would eventually lead him to opening for big acts such as Gorilla Zoe, Prodigy, Twista, Fantasia, Jim Jones and many others, as his music reflects his passion and ‘Gift to the world as he puts it!’

A Hip/Hop/Reggaeton song that combines lyricism with dance for fans and listeners of lyricism, yet still loves dancing to the music as well. A song in the first of it’s kind..!

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