J. BROWN (@JBrownMusicOnly) - "MOON"

J. BROWN (@JBrownMusicOnly)  - "MOON"

Figuratively set to the rhythmic pace of its infamous, steady-grinding automobile factories, while its streets are legendary and well-known the world over for the hyper-creative and musically fertile atmosphere that gave birth to Motown, Detroit continues to be a music capital of feel-good, contemporary music that ultimately proves timeless. The list of iconic names that have catapulted and captivated from the Motor City seems infinite…more than a few simply known by one name. Typifying the old saying “something in the water,” singer/songwriter J. BROWN – though generationally removed from the Gordy company’s then revolutionary melding of contemporary R&B and pop – has paid his dues and persevered in bringing those time proven musical values into the new music era with his recently released and long-awaited solo debut set. With music firmly in his blood and armed with tunnel-vision focus on following his passion of making music from the heart, J. BROWN delivers a dose of straight-up R&B – some with subtle pop and 90s throwback influences – to a music generation largely devoid of truly soulful and impassioned music.

J. BROWN aims to lure a massive faithful following with songs that will prove to stand the test of time. “I want to bring back that ‘feel-good music’ that everybody who wants love listens to,” he proclaims of his musical intentions. “I want to bring back something that will ultimately cause people to fall back in love. I want to take people back to where we once used to be in terms of music…that real love music…that kind of music that ultimately results in people having babies…that long-term type of music and that long-term love relationship type of music that makes people want to stay with their significant others. Nowadays we’re hearing that ‘hit-it-and-quit-it” type of music versus music of substance. We need more music with a moral foundation…and that’s what I want to put out there. I want people to say, ‘This guy has music that is not only good music, but music that will last throughout the years.’ Let’s get back to the real love and the music that really matters and means something.” Listeners were gifted, just that.

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