Manila Rose-PSW

Born in the Philippines raised in Norfolk, Virginia, Manila Rose is an extraordinary artist who has buzzing heavy in ATL. She has beat the odds and overcame many of her struggles. At a young age she was forced to evacuate out of her country and move to America after a volcano erupted sponteneously. A rebellious teenage phase resulted in Manila Rose failing senior year in High School although she made straight A’s since her Freshman year. However, she still managed to graduate with an advanced placement diploma. Immediately afterwards, she was inspired to go to Norfolk State University where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management with Cum Laude Honors. Furthering her education, Manila Rose also obtained her MBA in Business Administration at Regent University. Now she is currently working with J.Allen managing different artists careers, while recording music herself. Recently Manila Rose released three records called Pricey, All Fours, and PSW, which has received a lot of great feedback. Promoters all across the United States are booking her to come host and perform while the fans continuously go crazy over her music. In each of the records, this young superstar shares with us that she’s a boss and how she is pursing her passion without limits. In all these easy to vibe and dance tracks, Manila Rose lets it be known that she is a star who is about her business and living lavishly, while delivering hits after hits. She also loves to travel and try new cuisines. Check out her new video below and promote it everywhere. Instagram: @nonelikevie
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