Ebony Henry Is An Entrepreneur And Musician That You Want To Know

In a world where people are ready to kill each other due to cut throat competition, here is an entrepreneur who wants to build a community of financially literate entrepreneurs. An ex federal agent, Ebony left a high paying job as she yearned for freedom. She wanted to enjoy small moments of life while earning. Today, Ebony Henry earns 6 figures and has time to see her kids grow up and spend quality time with them. She has found a balance between her personal and professional work. Now she wants to serve this experience to other entrepreneurs in her community. This is her way of giving back to the church. The flourishing entrepreneur believes financial literacy is of utmost importance. We need to find ways to grow money and earn it from different sources while doing our jobs. One cannot depend and live a life from one paycheck to the other. There has to be side hustles so that one can manage certain comfort in one’s life. Ebony Henry has thus started working with entrepreneurs to advise them on the financial health of their business. If one is doing a job, Ebony advises them how to build different streams of finance along the way. Her own journey in the world of business started when she decided she could not let anyone be the boss of her time and finance. She had to lead her own life. This led her to build her business and become a home entrepreneur. Follow Ebony Henry on Instagram Here to learn more about what she has to offer.
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